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Industrial Tapes

Packaging has a prominent role in any industry. Most of the requirements are fulfilled by using the Industrial Tapes . As an industrial leader Lunia understands how important tapes are for the industry. Keeping in mind, we supply high quality industry tapes that serve the purpose of packaging. With years of service in the vertical of packaging, we have become a major player that provides superior quality tapes to the industries across India and abroad. Customers get the tapes in tunes with their requirements and choices. We deal with varied category of tapes and it includes,

• Fiberglass Tape
• Aluminum Foil Tape
• Non Adhesive Tapes

The benefits include:

  • ✔   Supports Multitasking

  • ✔   Brilliant finishing

  • ✔   Long lasting

  • ✔   Longer sticking

  • ✔   Heat and chemical resistance

  • ✔  Easy to stick

  • ✔   Highly reliable

Fiberglass Tape:

Made of twisted strands of fiberglass , the tape exhibits excellent flexibility. It has the distinct features such as the high strength and self adhesive performance. The tape offered by us can be used to repairing the cracks, joints and other damages in the wall surface.

Aluminum Foil Tapes

The Aluminum Foil tapes we supply are useful for the applications where high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity are needed. It finds its use in the electromechanical application and the air-conditioning industry.

Non Adhesive Tape:

We are engaged in the supply of high quality Non Adhesive Tapes which are widely used in automobile wiring and cable joining. Being manufactured using high quality PVC material, it assures an enhanced performance.

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