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Mfrs. and Suppliers of Wirenetting Products

Lunia Wires 'N' Mesh , Chennai, Tamilnadu, India; is a part of the Lunia group, which is a leading manufacturers, Dealers, Suppliers and Exporters of Wiremesh and Wirenetting products in India for the last four decades.

We are having manufacturing facilities and sales offices throughout India. Our aim is to be a global leader in wire netting. Read More

Few of our Products:

  • Wire Mesh
  • Weld Mesh
  • Crimped Mesh
  • Perforated Sheets
  • Hexagonal Wire Netting
  • Expanded Metal
  • Metallic Conveyor Belt
  • Vibrating Screen


  •  Wire Mesh

    Wire mesh can offer wide - ranging characteristics depending on the configuration of wire thickness in relation to the aperture size.. Read More

    Wire Mesh / Wire Cloth
  •   Weld Mesh

    Welded wire mesh is also can be called welded wire sheet or welded wire roll. Weld Mesh is one of the most ...Read More

    Weld Mesh / Reinforcement Fabric
  •  Crimped Mesh

    Crimped Mesh is also referred to as Heavy Wire Mesh. It is mainly used in industries for heavy screening and sieving. Read More

    Crimped Mesh
  •   Perforated Sheet

    Perforated Sheets are available in various patterns, thickness and materials. Perforated patterns consists of round, square, slotted ..Read More

    Perforated Sheet
  •  Hexagonal Wire Netting / Chicken Mesh

    Hexagonal Wire Netting is popularly known as Chicken Mesh. It is mainly used for popular poultry, insulation and construction purposes..Read More

    Hexagonal Wire Netting / Chicken Mesh
  •  Expanded Metal

    Expanded Metal means versatility. New applications are found for it every day in industry, offices and home. Expanded Metal Mesh allows the design..Read More

    Expanded Metal
  •  Chain Link Fencing

    Chainlink are a series of right or left hand spirals each turned into the previous spiral is interlaced together to form a continuous belt...Read More

    Chain Link Fencing
  •  Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire is actually a wire with series of dangerously pointed pins on it. This typeSubmit Query of barbed-wire fencing is extremely difficult to cross..Read More

    Barbed Wire