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Aluminium Foil Paper

Aluminium Foil Paper For wrapping food to keeping things, the use of aluminum foil papers is many folds. Due to several advantages, the pleasure of enjoying aluminium paper is becoming greater among the users.

Lunia wires n mesh is positioned as the leading manufacturer and provider of standard aluminium foil papers to the various requirements both commercially and residentially. The aluminium foil paper we produce can withstand moisture and leakage helping the wrapped items to have a greater shelf life. Special care is being taken to ensure that the products meet the international standard norms. Customers have the choice to get the customized version of the foil paper. We come with the guaranteed thickness ensuring that the materials wrapped are free from moisture and bacteria. This makes the product convenient for the kitchen needs.

The benefits include :

• Environment friendly
• Highly durable and robust
• Prevents moisture and other poisonous substances
• Available in wide range of quantities
• Ideal for packing foods
• High value for money

Whatever be your need, we have the capacity to fulfill your specifications in an affordable way. Get in touch with us for the best deals.

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