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Lunia wire mesh deals with wide selection of Gratting products with various sizes, openings, thicknesses, and materials..

Lunia Wires and Mesh is the foremost contestant who is actively involved in the manufacturing and supply of various kind of grating products. When it comes to the choice, the industries across prefer our products because of one thing – the quality. We provides a comprehensive list of grating products including the safety gratings, floor gratings, stainless steel gratings, GI gratings, steel and metal gratings.

The manufacturing of these products are supervised under expert guidance and using state of the art facilities ensuring that the finest product is reaching to the customers. The products can be manufactured in accordance with the client design needs that within the specified budget. Be it any sort of needs it will be done in Lunia.

Salient features :

  • ✔  High quality materials .

  • ✔  Resistant to corrosive environments

  • ✔  Long term durability

  • ✔   Anti aging and chemical resistant

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