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Concertina Fence

Concertina Fence are carefully designed to give adequate protection. Concertina Coils are clipped round the circumference in such a way as to form a helix which can be stretched at site. The stretched Concertina is attached to the vertical Posts.

Concertina Fence is intended to erect highly effective physical barriers fixed one installed onto the ground or to the fence. The adjoining loops of the spiral are connected in the particular way with each other which makes concertina wire spatial and almost insuperable.

Concertina Fence is one of the most high rated anti-intrusion security barriers among the analogous products manufactured from barbed wire.


  • ✔  Department of Defense units.

  • ✔  Nuclear Power Stations

  • ✔  Nuclear and Chemical waste burial places

  • ✔  Reservoirsn

  • ✔  Mining operations territories.

  • ✔  Gardening and garage companies

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